Rory Gibson

With 18 years' experience as a developer, architect, consultant, CTO and founder, I've been around the block a few times in tech.

I've worked in the public sector, in agencies, in startups, in gambling, finance, marketing tech, big data and enterprise software. As much as I love coding, architecting, debugging and operating technology, I believe that the hardest bits are the people problems, and if you fix them then the rest will follow.

I'm a consulting CTO. That means that I help companies to grow, stabilise or transform their technology delivery teams. I can act as an Interim CTO, VP Engineering, Technology Consultant or any number of other non-specific job titles, but fundamentally I'm about helping your business to get better at delivering technology, and making the tech that you create fit your business better.If that sounds like it might be helpful to your business please get in touch.

I operate Trolley, a simple payments platform for small businesses, entrepreneurs and bootstrappers. It lets you do things like sell products (digital, physical or subscription) from any website, and it's designed explicitly to work with JAMstack ("static") websites.

I'm the founder of CTX, a search tool for teams. Before that I was the CTO of Bright North, where I built a highly performing team of awesome people to solve big data and UX problems, and then created a line of products that helped online retailers maximise the profits from their online content.

Since about 2002 I've been an advocate of agile and of the XP practices. I've always belived in the agile manifesto more than I have in commercialised methodologies like Scrum, SAFe and so on. I tend to look at tech and people problems from first principles, and to start by simplifying wherever possible. There's more about how I work in my Manager README.

Popular blog posts and other content

I've writteen a fair amount over the years. Here's a sample of some of the more popular posts from the last while.

Where to find me

I'm usually rorygibson in online communities. There is another Rory Gibson, but he is an actor in Hollywood and he is not me.